Mo and Tell

Painting, This is Interesting

Movember is almost over. These days it’s starting to look more like I have a mustache and less like I was really thirsty and drank Ovaltine like it was going out of fashion. I have such a real mustache I could pass as one of the music students at high school who could get away with a wispy mustache because they were fragile and cool and somehow untouchable by the year-master who would bust anyone else for growing the most pathetic sprouts of a beard that made us feel so much like Indiana Jones on expedition and less like the greasy sack of bones frying burgers at a cafe for fourteen dollars an hour.

The picture above is of all the paintings I’ve made for Movember. All artworks sold, 50% of the sale is a donation to Movember. If you want to buy one contact me. Otherwise you can make a straight donation at my Movember page.

I’ve enjoyed this month very much and have great respect for Tim Anastasi and Kim Low for putting together a very slick web series that I was lucky to be a part of. You can watch the full series here.






Mo – oh! We’re Half Way There. Mo – Oh! Growin’ Facial Hair.

Painting, This is Interesting


Man! I love Bon Jovi!

This week in my pursuit to convert facial hair into charity donations I completed a commission of pianist Keith Jarrett with a piano key mustache, (it was tough making this look like a mustache and not a mouth full of thin terrifying teeth) as well as the commission I produced yet another superhero mustache. This week the hairy hero is Bananaman showing off his very appropriate mustache. Bananaman and all other superhero mustache artworks featured on the blog cost only $100 with half the money going to Movember.

I’m also taking part is a weekly web series on Movember. See episode 3 here.

You may have noticed that I am trailing those other guys pretty bad. If you want to support the underdog and also support the fight against testicular cancer and male depression you can donate here
Or you can also buy one of the movember paintings featured in the past 3 blogs (50% of painting sale goes to Movember.)

Be a Superhero this Movember.

Painting, This is Interesting

I’m one week in to this Movember thing and I have been combining my craft with the thing growing on my face. After I finished decoupage-ing my goiter I started painting a new series of mustaches. The paintings featured below are done with watercolour and ink. They are all for sale for Movember with half the money going to fight men’s depression and support mental illness. These are the first three of this series and there are more to come including The Flash and Spiderman. I started draw Wolverine with the aim to make his mustache out of claws and he just looked like a cat with wiskers… The fluffy tail and ball of wool may have also added to the problem. I’ve also been taking part in a weekly Movember documentary which now features a muppet I used in my Sydney Fringe show. Here is a behind the scenes look.

You can view the video at the end of this post or here.

These new works featured below cost $100 each and are 30cm x 38cm.

If you would like to purchase one please contact me here.

If you would like to just give me a movember donation do so here.



If you would like to donate more and would like to buy a bigger artwork check out my last blog post for more mustache paintings. My favorite painting is also up for grabs and that can be viewed here.

It’s the 1st of Movember

Painting, This is Interesting

It’s day one of Movember. Shaving my upper lip is just one of the things I won’t be doing for a full month. I also won’t be cutting my fingernails but this is less in the aide of charity and more in the aide of looking like Wolverine. I am growing a mustache this November to raise awareness of men’s health issues like depression and testicular/prostate cancer. Often men with depression don’t seek out help. Beyond Blue is a service for anyone to seek assistance with any mental anguish. Letting close friends know if you are feeling depressed is totally acceptable… this is what friends are for… this and air-hockey (it’s the only game I can accidentally lose when playing unopposed – losing with friends is better than losing alone).

As the skin between my mouth and nose gets hairier I will be be producing paintings of mustached men for sale during the month of November. Half the money raised goes to Movember. By Buying a painting like the ones pictured below you will be helping Australian men break the culture of hiding their depression.

The prices of the paintings will vary from between $100 to $2,000. I will take requests for paintings and we can talk price from there. Stay tuned for more artworks to come.

If you want to buy a painting just contact me.

If you would just like to make a straight donation view my Movember profile here.

You should also check out and Like my Mo team For the Love of Mo where I am also taking part in weekly videos tracking my progress. LETS GET HAIRY!

Bad Seeds, Acrylic on Board and Flannelette, 60cm x 40cm (2012)



Uncle Moe Jr., Acrylic on Board and Flannelette, 40cm x 60cm (2011)


Remember Remember the Hairy Movember.

Painting, This is Interesting

I am taking part in Movember this November. This means I shave my face and grow a mustache for thirty days.

I am nervous about doing this as, although I have a beard, the section between my nose and upper lip is wispy and blonde. My Mo isn’t very impressive. When I described my predicament to my friend a while ago she said that this month is going to be less like Mo-vember and more like No-vember. Her pun backfired and she felt pretty stupid.

In July I gave personalised drawing to every one who donated to my Dry July cause. This November I will be producing paintings all month of mustached men. The paintings will be up for sale. 50% of the sale will go to the Movember charities supporting the fight against testicular cancer and men’s depression. Below is the first paintings up for grabs. It’s an old favourite.

Five Ways To Dust a Cookie, Acrylic on MDF, 200cm x 60cm (2008)


The prices of the paintings will vary from between $100 to $2,000.

I will take requests for paintings and we can talk price from there. Stay tuned for more artworks to come. I am also taking part in weekly videos tracking my progress. LETS GET HAIRY!

If you want to buy a painting just contact me.

If you would just like to make a straight donation view my Movember profile here.