Remember Remember the Hairy Movember.

Painting, This is Interesting

I am taking part in Movember this November. This means I shave my face and grow a mustache for thirty days.

I am nervous about doing this as, although I have a beard, the section between my nose and upper lip is wispy and blonde. My Mo isn’t very impressive. When I described my predicament to my friend a while ago she said that this month is going to be less like Mo-vember and more like No-vember. Her pun backfired and she felt pretty stupid.

In July I gave personalised drawing to every one who donated to my Dry July cause. This November I will be producing paintings all month of mustached men. The paintings will be up for sale. 50% of the sale will go to the Movember charities supporting the fight against testicular cancer and men’s depression. Below is the first paintings up for grabs. It’s an old favourite.

Five Ways To Dust a Cookie, Acrylic on MDF, 200cm x 60cm (2008)


The prices of the paintings will vary from between $100 to $2,000.

I will take requests for paintings and we can talk price from there. Stay tuned for more artworks to come. I am also taking part in weekly videos tracking my progress. LETS GET HAIRY!

If you want to buy a painting just contact me.

If you would just like to make a straight donation view my Movember profile here.

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