Dry July Has Me Makin’ Bacon.

Painting, This is Interesting


I’m doing Dry July. This means I don’t drink any booze for the month of July. It is all in support of adults living with cancer.

My spirit guide for Dry July is Kevin Bacon. Bacon is helping me get through this booze free month, looking at his chiseled chin and large luxurious forehead makes every day easier.

Every donation made will receive a personalised Kevin Bacon cartoon. Just make a donation, email me with your postage address and I will post you an original one of a kind hand drawn image of Kevin Bacon helping you out on a big night out. Kevin could be your designated driver, or holding your hair back while you puke, or just cooking you a nice ‘hang-over breakfast’ of scrambled eggs and Bacon. What ever you want!

Every donation counts and it all goes towards adults living with cancer. Please give generously.


Here is the link to my profile.

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