Radio Star Avoids Video’s Thirst for Blood in the year 3033!


The Year: 3033

The place: Sydney, Australia

The population: ZERO! Maybe zero… We haven’t looked very hard yet. I mean, I just went to Homebush where the Sydney Olympics were 12 years ago and that place is a freaking ghost town. This place is quieter than a John Cage encore. I dropped $20 and no one picked it up. It just blew away so I threw the rest of my money on the ground and after that blew away I transferred all of my savings to a Nigerian businessman, drank poison and watched the Big Momma’s House trilogy. THE FUTURE IS BLEAK MY FRIENDS!

“Earth 3033” is a radio play series by L. J. Ike who also wrote a series of short stories called “The Third Man – And Other Stories”. I have designed the cover design for both works. Here is the latest design for Earth 3033…

To listen to Ike’s first two episodes you can check them out here.

You can also check out his writing here.

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