Double Bacon Please.


With Kevin Bacon as my spirit guide for Dry July I have abstained from drinking for twelve days now. I knew things would get tough so I have re-labeled all of my booze with photos of Kevin. I get to the fridge, grab a beer but before I crack open the cold, bitter, refreshing ale I catch K.B’s deep, glowing blue eye and I see his furrowed waxy brow and his slim tiny mouth says to me “No. You’re doing this for cancer Ed. If it were for something bullshit like animal rights I might let you have just one beer, but you need to put me back in the fridge and do something else. Why not watch a classic movie like Footloose or something?”. Thanks Kevin. I didn’t know you were an animal hater but I guess your name isn’t Kevin “Fair-trade” Bacon.

Two more friends have helped me get through this Month. Fuzzy and Priscilla both made donations to my Dry July Profile so they both receive a peronalised Kevin Bacon artwork. If Kevin Bacon can be my spirit guide helping me out when I’m not drinking, he can surely help you guys up when you are drinking. I’ll post you a signed print in the mail. Enjoy.

If you want to help fight cancer and receive one of these artworks just donate here

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