With Great Power…


After winning the batman poster competition I have decided to use my powers of graphic design for good rather than evil. I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking –  “Edmund, how could you possibly use graphic design for evil?” – I’ll tell ya how: I could wow a client with a brilliant design for a theatre show but put the wrong date on the poster thus causing anarchy at a small fringe festival. ANARCHY! and I would save it as a .jpg file and delete the .psd file making it reeeeealy annoying if I were to change the date to the real date. But I would not say a word, I would just let the audiences turn up to another show which may already be booked out. I would stand on a hill watching the confused crowds get mildly annoyed at the ticket booth guy and would chortle, I would chortle with absolute glee knowing that I, a lowly graphic designer, caused such anarchy!

This kind of evil only works once though, It may be hard to get a gig designing posters for a while.

So here is an example of my powers of graphic design being used for good:

This is a birthday present for my brother-in-law Joel. He is a marine biologist and bicycle enthusiast and aquaMAN did he love it.

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