The month is Mover

Painting, This is Interesting

The month of Movember is over.

That’s it for my upper lip. My mo has to go. It’s the end of the line for this hairy line. The eyebrows of the mouth have to head South. The stash has to dash. There’s mo more Movember so mo mo Movember mo.

It’s been a long hairy month to which I have dedicated my time painting mustache artworks. Here is a quick look at how successful this was…


Through selling paintings alone I have raised $1, 200 but all up I raised $1, 655 and I think if you raise this much money for Movember you also never get testicular cancer and never get depressed. It’s True! I just spent two hours watching Requiem For A Dream while slamming my gonads in a microwave door.

The ‘For The Love Of Mo’ web series I took part in has also come to an end and in a suprise twist I overtake the other two Movember bro’s in the last minute when I almost triple my fundraising in one mad dash for December 1st.

Thank you for your donations: Charissa, Jude, Sarah, Miles, Dom, Skye, Laura, Ange, Fuzzy, Colin, Kelly, Milly, Jess, Jacqui, Master Quinn, Vaughanie, Pat, Eddie, Louis, Hamo and especially Sam

A huge thank you to Tim and Kim for putting together the For The Love of Mo web series. You guys made my Movember something special.

A BIG thank you to my girlfiend for supporting me through the first week of mustache cultivation where I looked like I could steal pringles from a 7-11 at any moment.

It’s also my Birthday today and my 50th blog post so howaboutthat!

It’s the 1st of Movember

Painting, This is Interesting

It’s day one of Movember. Shaving my upper lip is just one of the things I won’t be doing for a full month. I also won’t be cutting my fingernails but this is less in the aide of charity and more in the aide of looking like Wolverine. I am growing a mustache this November to raise awareness of men’s health issues like depression and testicular/prostate cancer. Often men with depression don’t seek out help. Beyond Blue is a service for anyone to seek assistance with any mental anguish. Letting close friends know if you are feeling depressed is totally acceptable… this is what friends are for… this and air-hockey (it’s the only game I can accidentally lose when playing unopposed – losing with friends is better than losing alone).

As the skin between my mouth and nose gets hairier I will be be producing paintings of mustached men for sale during the month of November. Half the money raised goes to Movember. By Buying a painting like the ones pictured below you will be helping Australian men break the culture of hiding their depression.

The prices of the paintings will vary from between $100 to $2,000. I will take requests for paintings and we can talk price from there. Stay tuned for more artworks to come.

If you want to buy a painting just contact me.

If you would just like to make a straight donation view my Movember profile here.

You should also check out and Like my Mo team For the Love of Mo where I am also taking part in weekly videos tracking my progress. LETS GET HAIRY!

Bad Seeds, Acrylic on Board and Flannelette, 60cm x 40cm (2012)



Uncle Moe Jr., Acrylic on Board and Flannelette, 40cm x 60cm (2011)