Justice Lease


It’s three weeks ’til the new Superman movie comes out and I am pretty excited. I’m going to the premier in my best suit and then under that suit I will wear my Clark Kent suit and under that suit I will wear my superman pajamas suit, I may never take off the first two suits at the cinema but I’ll know that underneath it all I’m a Superman… a sweaty, suffocating Superman who will order a large Coke at the candy bar and will freak out in the bathroom when I undo 2 flies and have to wrangle the underpants I’m wearing over the superman suit.

In anticipation for the new film and because it’s fun to make movies, some friends of mine have started a web-series called Justice Lease. I contributed four illustrations for the intro which look really slick incorporated into the final product.

aquaman sketches Batmoon hulk sketch SUPERMAN final

The series is about superheroes living together. The house is perhaps too small to contain all of their egos and alter egos.

I have an alter-ego called Chad Bunnings. He understands what all the posts are for in all of the sports, he can open the front boot of a car and tell you the machine part that’s not working, he even has names for his fists: Punchy and Phillip.

You can see Episode one of Justice lease here:

If you liked this episode and want to see more, you can help pay for camera rental and sandwiches for the gaffer by adding to the Justice Lease pozible here

The Dark Knight Prizes


So I haven’t seen the new Batman movie. No one has! Christopher Nolan won’t even show his Mum. She asked to see The Dark Knight one week before the release date so Nolan Inceptioned her and planted the idea that SHE SHOULD SHUT UP AND BUY A TICKET LIKE EVERY ONE ELSE!

So, like Mamma Nolan, I won’t be able to see The Dark Knight Rises until the day it comes out, I may however see it the minute it comes out at a special midnight screening provided I win a fan-boy poster competition run by Dendy Cinemas. The top eight fan-made posters get exhibited for two weeks at the new Newtown Dendy Cinema and I get a prize-pack of Batman stuff and two tickets to see all three movies in the picture theatre (Picture theatre? Who am I, my Dad?) with The Dark Knight Rises playing at 12:01 AM.

As I don’t know much about the new movie I can only imagine that the villain, Bane, is a giant paratrooper with a snorkel who was brought to America in chains from his native Africa and forced to perform in off-off-Broadway shows until he escapes and tries to eat all of the native bats in Gotham… That’s how Mamma Nolan explained it to me anyway.

Here is my submission: SPOILER ALERT – I won!