I’ve Got It Covered


This yin-yang of bat-bird is a book cover I designed for author Fleur Guenther. It was great to sit down with Fleur after reading an excerpt from her novel and discuss what she wanted for the cover art.

So Fleur informs me that this is some kind of internet book. She says I can read her book or any other book on my computer – Even Vin Diesel’s autobiography “In Like Vin”. She says I can read it anywhere at anytime. That’s all well and good Fleur but how the funk am I supposed to lug my Commodore 128D to the beach to get my daily fix of sea air and Vin musings or as I like to call it ‘Diesel Fuel’?

If you want to download Fleur’s book here is the link

Vin Diesel is set to bring out a second autobiography after the success of Fast five called “Next of Vin”.

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