I’ve Got It Covered


This yin-yang of bat-bird is a book cover I designed for author Fleur Guenther. It was great to sit down with Fleur after reading an excerpt from her novel and discuss what she wanted for the cover art.

So Fleur informs me that this is some kind of internet book. She says I can read her book or any other book on my computer – Even Vin Diesel’s autobiography “In Like Vin”. She says I can read it anywhere at anytime. That’s all well and good Fleur but how the funk am I supposed to lug my Commodore 128D to the beach to get my daily fix of sea air and Vin musings or as I like to call it ‘Diesel Fuel’?

If you want to download Fleur’s book here is the link

Vin Diesel is set to bring out a second autobiography after the success of Fast five called “Next of Vin”.

Happy Birthday – You Just Became My Hero.

Design, Painting

So, is it your birthday coming up? Why not get a personalised comic book cover why not! You will have to ask your friends to contact me with some pictures of yourself and you will first have to be a really good friend to deserve something this cool.

The design featured above is a hand painted design I did for my friend Nick’s Christmas present. He always wanted to see what it would look like if a non-fictional character tried to blast his fictional ass away! He also asked if I could find someone with a similar last name just to make it interesting.

Or for those of you that just want a very specific gift to give, you could get this for your very deserving, very non-fictional friend. Just contact me and we can talk shop.



I Like Ike!


This work is a book cover for author L. J. Ike. It is an artistic appropriation of L. J’s first story “The Third Man” and it was a brilliant exercise trying to create an artwork that not only captured the essence of the story but as a stand-alone artwork that could sell the e-book because, let’s face it, we all judge e-books by their e-cover. You can┬ácheck out his website here.