The Waiting Game: Still Not As Fun As Hungry Hungry Hippos.


Today I dropped off my Moran Prize portrait of Dave Collins for the final stage of judging. Tomorrow was the last day to deliver paintings for round two so naturally I left it ’til the second last day.

I find out on the 2nd of July if I am in the list of finalists. This means Dry July may be broken early because I drink Champagne or Dry July may be broken because I’ll be drenched crying in the shower again.

If you want to see the full list of semi-finalists click this link.

If you’d prefer to wait to see the show here is a link to a skater falling off his board and crunching his nuts on a pole.


And here is a photo of me delivering said portrait at 12:42pm for your enjoyment, also for an alibi… look how happy and murder-free I look here.

A big thanks to Jessica Bellamy for helping me deliver the painting.