Sooooo They Released the List of Finalists aaaaaaand…


So Thursday came and the Archibald Prize list of finalists was released. I didn’t get selected this year and as you can see I didn’t take it too bad.

My aim was to enter this year and I was very pleased with my entry. I’ve never spent so long trying to develop one image and it should put me in good stead for entering next year when I paint Shane from the Umbilical Brothers (a bald head is easier to paint)… Just kidding! I’m going to dig up the bones of J.F. Archibald and paint him as a king!

The Archibald opens at the end of the month and will be touring afterwards. Click here for touring dates.

3 thoughts on “Sooooo They Released the List of Finalists aaaaaaand…

  1. So proud of you, and well done! You’re still so young and your career is ahead of you, You have the world at your feet!! (all those cliches) xxx

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