Title Pages Were My Favorite Part of Primary School

Painting, This is Interesting

This is a big painting I made this year for a very groovy bar on the UNSW campus called the Whitehouse. The building was on the site before the university was the university and it was converted to a bar/bistro/cafe/cocktail bar just over a year ago. I worked there during its first year and noticed that people were unaware of what they could order upstairs. Some idiots people didn’t even know there was an upstairs, they must have wondered why the ceiling was so low for a 12 meter tall building. I applied my skills of artmaking and tellingpeoplewheretogo and created the above artwork. It was a good exercise in creating functional text based art and now people know about the cooler bar upstairs where there is usually an empty seat or two.

Numbskull is a Sydney based artist who uses text really well. When I have disposable “art-buying money” next I’m gettin’ a Numbskull canvas. I don’t care what the text says he can make anything look cool. I don’t care if it said “Edmund has an arse full of badger meat” I’d still buy the shit out of it and hang it in my mums kitchen!
Text based art can be really dynamic and Numbskull makes font I want.

Here is some of Numbskull’s handy work.



You should also check out his website here.