In 2013-14 I got to see my drawings come to life as I provided some illustration work for a few videos. It’s great to collaborate with film-makes who can bring these characters to life with simple movements.

The first was featured at the end of a number of XXXX Gold online videos that were set on XXXX Island. You could skip to the end to see my illustrations or you could watch it straight through and learn to fish with live bait… but don’t blame me when the zombie apocalypse hits and you need to go fishing because all the twinkies have run out and you had a perfectly good opportunity to learn some valuable fishing skills.


I also provided some cute illustrations to liven up a video on keeping shareholders happy. It was an excellent gig and my drawings are peppered throughout the video.


Sometimes People Don’t Understand You Until You Have An Infographic

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Infographics are the new wave. In the future they will replace CVs.
In the future planes will replace kites. Glue will replace honey.
Until that bleak day Infographics are pretty fun and I intend on making more.