Every dog is supposed to have his day, but some get neglected, rejected and fall victim to abuse. To ensure dog’s to get their day Denise At PAWS is a little non for profit that helps dogs that are down on their luck find a home.

I put my hand up to help D.A.P fight the good fight and created their new logo. The simple pentagon seemed like a perfect home-shape to frame the dog character. It speaks directly to the work they do and gave me a great opportunity to work with typography and simple character design.


Through Denise At PAWS you can adopt a rescued dog or foster one until it can be adopted to a new family.

Some of their dogs have been seen on Bondi Vet and they are always looking for donations to continue their work. Even if you can’t give a dog a home you can spare a few dollars surely. Click here to donate.  if you can’t make it to a Bunnings barbeque.


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