With Great Power Comes Great Mustache

Painting, This is Interesting

So how does superman shave? No man-made razor would cut through his mighty five o-clock shadow. Does he invite Wolverine and his claws over to shave his kryptonian face for work and his kryptonian other bits for other stuff? The day in the life of a superhero during Movember must be tough stuff particularly when your freaky powers give you freaky facial hair. The following paintings are for sale this month with half the sale being donated to Movember. There are more paintings in the works but here is what we have so far. Batman and Aquaman have already been sold so get in quick.

They are all 30cm x 38cm and are painted with watercolour and ink on card.

They are $100 each. Contact me here if you would like to buy one.

I do commissions as well so why not buy some art for Christmas? But be sure to get in before the end on the month.

Or if you just want to donate to Movember you can do that here.

Also please enjoy episode two of a four part doco I’m in this Movember. THIS IS A BUSY MONTH FOR ME!

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