Fat Batman and Musical Hulk. GIMME A REASON WHY I SHOULDN’T!

Painting, This is Interesting

This is a painting of The Incredible Hulk playing a piano accordion. I painted this because I’ve never seen this before. I’m starting to realise that that is a perfectly good reason to paint something. Graff work is perfect for this philosophy because it’s temporary, you get to produce really big works which you paint in order to better your skills and you simply get to “see what it would look like”.

The following works were thought up on the spot and were executed on another outing to the Sydney Uni graffiti tunnels earlier this week. I brought a film crew along on the night as there is a documentary about me in the works titled Portrait Of The Artist As A Complete Jerk. It’s a running title that I didn’t come up with but they assure me it’s a ‘running title’ and it will be titled something else along the lines of ‘Edmund Iffland: He’s A Nice Boy’ and that this is going to be quite a positive documentary. Not sure why they needed to film me kicking puppies and pretending to do the crystal meth in that public toilet.

Fellow Sydney Fringe comedian Tom Walker joined me on this trip to the Sydney Uni. I think his parents are really happy Tom had someone to play with this week. Tom painted some things as well including the following image… it’s a character Tom assures me exists called Buff Man.

Tom has a blog you should also look at it’s www.tomwalkerisgood.com

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