Merch Appreciated

Design, This is Interesting
 I have been trying to get my designs out in to the real world. For a while I was tatooing my artworks on the butt-cheeks of shut-ins. I erected a billboard in the heart of New Zealand’s CBD. I even printed my works on A5 paper and inserted them in to the front of every copy of Rhonda Byrne’S “The Secret” at my local library.
Discus Inferno by Edmund Iffland Kubrick's Killers by Edmund IfflandThor and Order by Edmund Iffland Pop and Lock by Edmund Iffland
After all this hard work no one saw my artwork but recently I’ve noticed a lot of people like to wear T-Shirts. I did some resarch and found that often people print artworks on their T-shirts. have cottoned on to this fad and I have asked them nicely to use a few of my designs. I think I’m on to a good thing. So if you would like to wear one of my designs go to and buy one from the internet. Or if you are a shut-in with a naked arse that’s hungry for some ink lemme know.

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