Hulk Smash Expectations!


So it’s your friends birthday and you still haven’t got them a present? You need to get your act together man!

I forgot to get my friend Freddy Friendshipson a birthday present last year and after I told him I had bought his present (I hadn’t) and it was in the mail (it wasn’t) he was rummaging though my letterbox on a daily basis. Turns out that it wasn’t in order to see if I was lying but instead he was committing major identity theft and the next step was stealing my skin so he could wear me like a full body glove and get all the perks that come with being me… like owning a full license and having a perfect library record (you can’t get late fines if you never borrow books! Suckers!). Buuuuuuut  after I gave Freddy one of these personalised comic book covers where I drew him as Mystique from X-Men he felt a little bad about the whole identity/skin theft thing and we are good now. RIGHT FREDDY?!…

The image above is my latest personalised cover done for actor Bjorn Stewart. I secretly found out a few things that make him hulking mad and incorporated it in to the design. I then made him a lot greener and added a few more muscles and hey presto! He received a very cool, very personal birthday present. Get one today!

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