Tough Competition for Prestigious Fan Art Competition.

Painting, This is Interesting

As I nervously troll though the internet to look for any other Archibald Prize entries (with the hope that I find 500 shit ones) I came across two really quite interesting approaches to the prestigious portrait prize. This brilliant portrait by Vincent Fantauzzo of Kiwi-born Melbourne-based musician Kimbra who I totally don’t have a crush on, shut up that ‘effigy’ of her I made from my baby teeth, seaweed and those pumpkins is just how I display my pumpkins okay!… The portrait by Vincent Fantauzzo is accompanied by a music video he made and it is all very, very cool.

Speaking of cool people I have a crush on, Father Bob McGuire was painted by stencil artist Luke Cornish. It uses over 100 stencil layers and it will be an interesting contender this year. Street-art is getting recognised in the fine arts more and more and Cornish proves that it is a legitimate art-form with this detailed, striking portrait of Fr Bob. Cornish talks about the process in This video article from the ABC website.

The list of finalists will be released THIS THURSDAY!

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